Neva Marine

Sanshin Electric

HRX - 150

    This super searchlight is the ultimate in modern technology, designed not only for the mega yachts, but used widely in commercial applications.

     The casting is made from die cast aluminium and finished in a hard white coating. The reflector is an optically perfect mirror which projects 6 million candlepower for up to 3000 metres.

     The remote control panel is simple, with an on - off switch and a joystick for rotation, elevation and adjusting the focus of the Xenon bulb.This is the ultimate searchlight in design and technology.




Rating of water protection


Mirror Diameter


Rated Voltage


Rated Current


Bulb Type


Peak Beam Candle Power


Beam Spread


Elevation Angles - Up


Elevation - Down


Turning Angle


Elevation Speed


Turning Speed




House Material







Ø218 - 150 cut (mm)


DC 12v - DC24v


17A - 8.5A


Xenon 150W x 1


6,000,000 cd


Approx 1°






360° continuous


4° per sec.


6° - 15° per sec.


23 kgs


Die cast aluminium






Remote Control Panel


Remote Control CPF9


Removal panel controls focus adjustment, rotation, elevation and audio central return when not in use.


Secondary Remote CPF99


Second station control with same function as the main panel




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