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SP-High Modulus, the marine business of Gurit, is a technical leader in the formulation of advanced epoxy resins.


Spabond adhesives have been designed to offer Production, Superyacht and Race boat builders a comprehensive range of adhesives for structural bonding of polyester and epoxy GRP boats.


Offering outstanding performance in numerous composite and non-composite bonding applications, and perfect partners for SP-High Modulus laminating products, Spabond adhesives offer ease of use, durability and a consistently high quality.


The Spabond range is supplied in various formats to suit different requirements.

Cartridge applicators provide perfectly mixed adhesive to the joint, cleanly and with a minimum of waste. For larger volume applications Spabond adhesives can be mixed and dispensed using a range of mixing machines.


Mixing machine, application and surface preparation/pre-treatment guides can be downloaded from the website.



Spabond 540  Spabond 340LV    Spabond 345     Spabond 5 Minute


Spabond 370   Spabond 345        Spabond 730      Spabond 368




Spabond 540 - Modified Epoxy Adhesive


Spabond 540 has been designed to deliver outstanding elongation to break, >50%, and to compete with methacrylate adhesives when bonding polyester GRP parts. It is a modified ambient curing epoxy adhesive designed for bonding polyester or epoxy GRP laminates.


The extended working times fill a gap in the market where polyester and methacrylate adhesives do not have the required working time to bond large structures. The long working times and excellent gap filling properties make this adhesive ideal for stringers/bulkheads, frames and hull-to-deck joints on medium to large production boats.



Spabond 540 - Epoxy Adhesive System



Spabond 370 - Epoxy Adhesive System


Spabond 370 teak deck adhesive has been formulated to give the optimum mechanical and working properties for bonding teak decking to a composite hull.


In use, Spabond 370 has a tolerant 1:1 mix ratio and a thixotropic, gel type consistency. This makes Spabond 370 very easy to measure, mix and apply. Spabond 370 is non-corrosive, solvent free and cures at room temperature.


When cured, Spabond 370 is tough, highly adhesive and very strong and generates green strength rapidly (does not require post curing).








  Spabond 370 - Epoxy Adhesive System



Spabond 340LV - Epoxy Adhesive System


Spabond 340LV is a high performance adhesive designed for bonding large structures such as yacht hulls and wind turbine blades. It is a cost-effective system with good thermal and mechanical properties.


The components are pigmented to give a visual indication of mix quality, which is a useful feature when mixing by hand or with a machine. The system has a simple 2:1 mix ratio by weight and volume. Spabond 340LV is available in cartridges, pails and 200 litre drums for machine mixing/dispense. 






  Spabond 340LV Epoxy Adhesive System



Spabond 345 - Epoxy Adhesive System  


Spabond 345 is a toughened, high performance adhesive system ideal for bonding large structures where substrate surfaces have uneven geometry. The product has a thick, paste-like consistency, and can be applied without sag in thicknesses of over 30mm at 15°C, making it ideal where large, uneven vertical gluelines are required.


The product has a 2:1 mix ratio by volume. To aid mixing, the components are pigmented to give visual indication of mix quantity. The Fast hardener is coloured purple, but there is also a black version.


This is useful for improving the cosmetic appearance of bondlines involving exposed carbon composites. Spabond 345 is available in 400ml cartridges, pails and drums.  









  Spabond 345 Epoxy Adhesive System



Spabond 730 - Rapid Structural Adhesive


Spabond 730 is a fast curing structural adhesive designed for applications where reduced clamp times are important. It has a simple 1:1 by weight and volume mix ratio.


It can be used to bond together a wide variety of dissimilar materials and has been designed to give a durable high strength bond.


Spabond 730 Rapid Structural Adhesive is available in a simple easy to use 400ml cartridge.   








  Spabond 730 Rapid Structural Adhesive



Spabond 5-Minute - Epoxy Adhesive System



Spabond 5-Minute uses SP’s fast-setting technology. It combines outstanding bonding speed with a simple 1:1 by weight and by volume mix ratio. This thixotropic system is ideal for general bonding and repair work on a wide range of materials.


Components bonded with Spabond 5 Minute demonstrate high bond strengths and can be handled after a very short period of time.


Spabond 5-Minute can be used in conjunction with other Spabond products as a “spot weld” system in situations where the use of conventional clamps is not possible.


Spabond 5-Minute is available in monocomponent resin/hardener cartridges or 400ml dual component catridges.


 Spabond 5-Minute


Spabond 368 - Epoxy Adhesive System



Spabond 368 is a low density adhesive, with a simple 2:1 by volume mix ratio which is designed for bonding a wide range of core materials. The product is uniquely filled and can be applied in thicknesses of up to 6mm at 20°C on vertical surfaces without the risk of drainage.


Resin and hardener are both pigmented to give a visual indication of mix quality. The resin is light green and the hardener pale brown leading to a neutral grey colour when fully mixed.


With the fillers used in its formulation, Spabond 368 is easy to sand and can be used for strip planking with wood or foam strips.



 Spabond 368




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