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SP-High Modulus B³ SmartPac


A versatile construction solution that helps builders manufacture     

composite components more efficiently and cost-effectively than ever before.


Many builders in this competitive marketplace are looking to make  

improvements, to find smarter ways of building composite

components, whilst maintaining quality and meeting performance requirements. 

However, each builder has different needs – a series production builder who wants

to manage overheads more closely; a custom-boat builder who wants to shorten the

build schedule to meet a demanding owner-driven deadline.


Whatever the requirement, SP-High Modulus can package and supply the B³ SmartPac 

to meet specific needs.


Benefits of the B³ SmartPac include:


  • Reduced overall costs through
    – reduced time in-mould
    – reduced labour costs
    – reduced waste levels
    – reduced material costs


  • Repeatable process with known costs and known quality

  • Efficient procurement
    – Order one SmartPac instead of multiple materials 
    – One-stop-shop for materials, engineering, quality control, and process support

  • Improved overall quality







 B³ SmartPac Brochure



Smart Materials Supply with B³ SmartPac





As a leading manufacturer and supplier of a range of composite materials, SP-High Modulus is able to offer a solution to suit each project, no matter what the builder’s preferred processing technique or materials.


Composite builders have access to a wide range of materials, yet do not experience the purchasing headaches of dealing with multiple orders from multiple suppliers. Every piece of dry reinforcement and core material is included in the B³ SmartPac, and the material costs per boat are known from the outset.


Removing the manual cutting from the builder’s schedule means labour can be redirected to other areas of lamination and build process. Due to this and the fact that each piece of material is clearly labeled, the lamination process is faster and the overall in-mould time is much reduced – sometimes as much as 40%!


Through using the B³ SmartPac, builders no longer have to manage waste levels, storage or removal, as only the materials needed for the build are included in the B³ SmartPac. Not only does this reduce management time and costs, it also contributes to a more pleasant working environment for employees.




 B3 SmartPac Brochure





































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