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SP-High Modulus, the marine business of Gurit’s PRIME™ epoxy infusion systems have a 10 year track record, and remain at the forefront of the development of liquid epoxies for "under the bag" infusion processes, such as SCRIMP™, RIFT (resin infusion under flexible tooling), and VARTM (vacuum assisted resin transfer moulding).


Epoxies are stronger and have higher adhesive properties than other commonly used infusion matrices, such as vinylesters and polyesters. Epoxy based systems therefore require less resin to achieve greater physical properties, and their use can lead to lighter and more durable structures.


Our experience with infusion systems gives us a comprehensive understanding of the properties required to make an infusion product useful, therefore our range is made up of products that process robustly, and have optimised wet-out, viscosity, cure, exotherm, and resin fuming properties.













PRIME™ 20LV - Epoxy Infusion System

  •       Very low viscosity

  •       Variable infusion times

  •       Very low exotherm even in thick sections

  •       Suitable for infusing very large structures

  •       Lloyds and Germanischer Lloyds approved


PRIME™ 20LV is the next generation of PRIME™ 20 epoxy infusion system, which is specifically designed for use in a variety of resin infusion processes including RTM (resin transfer moulding), SCRIMP™ and RIFT (resin infusion under flexible tooling).


PRIME™ 20LV has a much reduced viscosity resin and longer working time, which makes it ideal for infusing very large parts with complex reinforcements in one operation. It maintains the exceptionally low exotherm characteristic, which allows thick sections to be manufactured without risk of premature gelation due to the heat of exothermic reaction. This low exotherm will also help to extend the life of mould tools.


PRIME™ 20LV has been used successfully for the single-operation moulding of components ranging from narrow carbon yacht masts, up to 80' yacht hulls and wind turbine blades. It achieves excellent mechanical and physical properties from a moderate (50°C) postcure, offering the finished laminate properties that lie between hand lamination and low-temperature cure prepreg processes.


The PRIME™ 20LV system is available with three hardeners, offering a range of working times and cure speeds. This enables the geltime of the resin to be more closely matched to the required infusion time for any particular size of moulded part.


Extensive tests at SP have shown that PRIME™ 20LV with Slow and Extra Slow Hardeners provide an excellent bond to vinylester resins. This permits production boat builders to use existing polyester gelcoat products with high performance epoxy infusion systems. This delivers significant benefits to the production boat builder, in terms of improved durability and performance of hulls/decks whilst retaining the high gloss and ease of gelcoat repair associated with polyester systems.













































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