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SP-High Modulus the marine business of Gurit’s range of multi-purpose and coating epoxies is the foundation of our formulated products business. First developed in the early 1980's, specifically to meet the needs of the wooden boat builder/restorer, SP-High Modulus’s comprehensive range of products is as popular today as when it was first introduced.                                                       


Our coating products are hard wearing and versatile partners for the multi-purpose systems. Available in both solvent and solvent-free formulations, coatings are suitable for a range of applications, including osmosis treatment, priming, top coating and varnishing. 


> SP 320 - Solvent-Free Clear Epoxy Coating System

> Eposeal 300 - Universal Epoxy Primer


Our multi-purpose products are two-part liquid systems, which are ideal for laminating and coating, with the addition of suitable filler powders they can become strong, durable waterproof glues or filling compounds.


> SP 106 - Multi-purpose Epoxy System

> Handipack - Multi-purpose Epoxy System                             







SP 320

Eposeal 300

SP 106



SP 320 - Solvent-Free Clear Epoxy Coating System


  •      Easy application

  •      Excellent clarity

  •      High film-build


SP 320 is a solvent-free, clear epoxy coating that provides a high clarity, tough finish to whatever it is applied to. When used for coating wood, just a few coats will provide both protection and a depth of clarity that can only otherwise be achieved with many more coats of a conventional varnish. The epoxy coating will protect most surfaces from moisture ingress, and will also add strength to softwood surfaces. On horizontal surfaces, SP 320 may be poured on as a flow-coat, providing an instant, thick coating layer in just one application. If the coating is to remain unpainted, the cured material should be overcoated with any good two pack polyurethane, since an unprotected epoxy coating will gradually yellow in sunlight.


Due to its low viscosity, and excellent wetting characteristics, SP 320 may also be used with lightweight glass reinforcements, such as RE210D, to provide a clear, sheathing layer. When this is further coated with extra layers of SP 320, the result is a glass-reinforced clear coating which is exceptionally strong and hard-wearing.


Whilst primarily designed as a coating, SP 320 is completely solvent-free and so can be mixed with the SP-High Modulus Filler range to produce filling compounds, adhesives and fillet mixes. Some information about the filler range, and how to use the fillers, is contained in this data sheet. Further details can be found in the Filler Guide.








 SP 320 Solvent-Free Clear Epoxy Coating System


Eposeal 300 - Universal Epoxy Primer


  •      Excellent penetration of porous surfaces

  •      Ideal sealer coat before solvent-free epoxies

  •      Long pot life and easy application


Eposeal 300 is a solvent-based, low viscosity epoxy sealer. It has been developed primarily for use on wood but can also be used on other materials such as GRP, stone, ferrocement, brick, etc. Eposeal 300 has an extremely low viscosity which ensures that the product achieves rapid and deep penetration of porous surfaces.

Once Eposeal 300 material has soaked into a surface, the adhesive nature of the epoxy base will help to consolidate and strengthen that surface. The resultant epoxy sealing layer provides a high adhesion and moisture resistant base for any type of paint, varnish or epoxy coating system. For example, many woodworking applications combine the penetrating power of the Eposeal 300, with the thick, clear coating capability of SP 320 to produce a strong, highly protective, deep gloss surface on wood.

The solvents used in Eposeal 300 evaporate quickly once the product is brushed out, so that subsequent layers of Eposeal 300 can be applied in quick succession. Providing the lid is replaced on the mixing pot, the long pot life of Eposeal 300 means that just one mix can be used for multiple coats.         








  Eposeal 300 - Universal Epoxy Prime


SP 106 - Multi-purpose Epoxy System



  • Use for gluing, coatings, laminating and filling

  • Rapid curing, even at low temperatures

  • Simple to use


SP 106 is a simple to use, all-purpose epoxy which can be used for gluing, coating, laminating and filling. With its range of hardeners, and easy 5:1 mix ratio by volume,


SP 106 provides a quick and convenient way of using one epoxy system for a very wide range of tasks. SP 106 has been established for over 20 years as the primary epoxy system for the manufacture and repair of wooden boats, and it is now widely used in many other woodworking applications from cabinet making to the manufacture of large wooden moulds. With its Extra Slow Hardener SP 106 can be used for jobs requiring a long working time, or in ‘tropical’ conditions of high ambient temperatures.


In its unmodified form, SP 106 can be used as a clear coating for wood and other substrates, or for laminating lightweight glassfibre fabrics such as those used for reinforcing joints. When used for clear coating, cured SP 106 should be overcoated with any good two pack polyurethane.


By using the SP range of filler powders, an SP 106 resin and hardener mix can be turned into a very effective adhesive or filling compound. Details of this filler range, and how to use them, are contained in a separate information sheet (Filler Guide) and typical filling and fairing mixes (resin / hardener / filler) are shown in this data sheet.








  SP 106 - Multi-purpose Epoxy System


Handipack - Multi-purpose Epoxy System


  • Ideal for repairs and other small tasks

  • Suitable for gluing, coating, laminating and filling

  • Simple 2:1 by volume mix ratio

  • Supplied with dispensing pumps


Handipack is a multi-purpose epoxy, supplied only in a small pack. It is designed for quick repair work and small scale construction jobs. The system is extremely reactive with a pot-life of just 8 minutes at 20°C. It is therefore best suited to small tasks, and should not be applied in thicknesses exceeding 3mm.


The medium to low viscosity of the material enables it to be used for small laminating tasks, using lightweight glass fabrics, such as those from the SP-High Modulus’s reinforcements range. The system’s good clarity makes it a good sheathing matrix system.


Used as a coating, it cures rapidly at ambient temperatures to form a tough, clear film, with good moisture resistance. If the coating is to remain unpainted, the cured material should be overcoated with any good two pack polyurethane, since an unprotected epoxy coating will gradually yellow in sunlight.


By using the SP range of filler powders, a Handipack resin and hardener mix can be turned into a very effective adhesive or filling compound.

The Handipack is available only in one size (250ml resin and 125ml hardener), with resin and hardener components each supplied with a dedicated dispensing pump that attaches to the container. The resin/hardener/pumps package is contained in a clear blister pack, that can stand on a display shelf or hang from a display rack.








  Handipack - Multi-purpose Epoxy System





































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