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As the technical leaders in commercial composite materials, SP-High Modulus the marine business of Gurit offers a complete range of composite tooling products for the Marine, Wind Energy and Automotive/Mass transport markets. Each product is designed as part of a complete tooling solution, with properties optimised for the intended application.


Our tooling range consists of tooling paste products designed for pattern manufacture and a range of ambient curing mould materials that can be used to an operating temperature of 130C.





   T-Paste 70-2            T-Paste 70-2 Repair


   T-Gel 130-1 Slow     T-Lam 130-1 Slow      T-Prime 130-1




T-Paste 70-2




T-Paste 70-2 has been designed for Marine customers looking for a fast and reliable

way to manufacture patterns and direct moulds. T-Paste 70-2 is a low density tooling

paste designed for the manufacture of patterns in the boatbuilding market. It has

been formulated for ease of application and to give an excellent surface finish when

CNC machined.


T-Paste 70-2 can be applied directly to expanded polystyrene (EPS) and is very low

exotherm and shrinkage when applied at thicknesses up to 40mm. This allows the

paste to be applied in one operation over large areas. T-Paste 70-2 can be CNC

machined after a 1 day cure at an ambient temperature of 21°C and has outstanding

Health and Safety; no smell or volatiles when applied and forms chippings when



The combination of fillers used in T-Paste 70-2 provide a paste that gives high cut

definition in detail areas (no breakout on edges) and patterns with a good level of

toughness for transport/movement between mould shops.


   T-Paste 70-2 - Low Density Epoxy Tooling Paste


   T-Paste 70-2 Repair - Epoxy Tooling Paste Repair System 




Gelcoats, Lamintaing & Infusion Mould Materials




T-Gel 130-1 is an epoxy gelcoat system for manufacturing glass or carbon moulds. The extended back up window of T-Gel 130-1 make this product ideal for production of large moulds. T-Gel 130-1 is compatible with T-Lam 130-1 and T-Prime 130-1






T-Gel 130-1 Slow - Epoxy Tooling Gelcoat System



T-Lam 130-1 is an epoxy tooling system designed for wet laminating glass or carbon moulds. T-Lam 130-1 is compatible with T-Gel 130-1 and T-Prime 130-1



T-Lam 130-1 Slow - Epoxy Tooling Laminating System



T-Prime 130-1 is a low viscosity epoxy tooling system for manufacturing infused glass and carbon moulds. It is compatible with T-Gel 130-1 and T-Lam 130-1



T-Prime 130-1 Epoxy Tooling Infusion System





































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