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Kahlenberg Chimetone Air Horns utilize more than one projector or "trumpet" in their design.  Each projector produces a different fundamental frequency which combines to produce powerful, distinctive, musical chords.  To hear a Kahlenberg Chimetone Air


Horn is to realize that the sound of a vessel can be one of it's most impressive aspects.


Never requiring tuning or adjustments of any kind, the critical surfaces within a Kahlenberg Air Horn are machined to exacting tolerances.  This results in an extremely audible, consistent frequency.

Finishes available include plain brass, white powdercoat, or the highest quality chrome plate.

Chimetone Air Horn models T-1, T-3A, Q-3A, F-3 and KDT-123 are available with or without optional 360 degree maneuvering light installed.

Model 02M, The Ultimate Yacht Horn

(For Vessels Less Than 75 Meters (246 ft.) in Length)


Kahlenberg Model O2M is an eight trumpet musical air horn for megayachts and cruise vessels. Playable at the touch of a button from the vessel's main console, the O2M Musical Air Horn is supplied with a variety of pre-programmed songs. Additonal songs can be added using an electronic keyboard. The model O2M Air Horn is offered in the configuration shown or in a "Low-Profile" design.



  O2M, 3-5851 Datasheet               O2M "Love Profile 3-5851 Datasheet


Hear K-380




  F-2 Datasheet


Hear F-2




  S-1 Datasheet







  D-1 Datasheet


Hear D-1





  T-1 Datasheet


Hear T-1





  S-2 Datasheet




  D-2 Datasheet


Hear D-2




  T-2 Datasheet


Hear T-2




  T-3A Datasheet


Hear T-3A


  Q-3A Datasheet






  F-3 Datasheet


Hear F-3





  KDT-123 Datasheet


Hear KDT-123











































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