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         The marine business of Gurit is best known under its product and service brand SP-High Modulus. Working over 20 years alongside the world’s leading boat designers and integrating structural design, materials science, manufacturing technology and process engineering in a unique way to offer turnkey solutions for the build of performance boats has made us one of the leading developers and manufacturers of composite materials in this market.


          With our SP-High Modulus branded products and services, we offer a unique solution to make boats stronger, lighter and faster: the combination of industry-leading, innovative and durable composite products with an unrivalled in-house technical expertise ensures best-in-class results. The versatility and durability of our products and the in-depth engineering knowledge deliver a performance individually tuned to specifications and needs. As a result, SP-High Modulus products are used in the majority of the world’s high-performance boats, their inclusion enhancing boat and competitor performance at the world’s premier races.


          SP-High Modulus’ long history of development and innovation has increased part quality and durability whilst continually streamlining processes which have improved productivity and reduced costs. We were instrumental in many component manufacture initiatives and first to


     * provide a monocoque hull shell solution for race boats

  •      * develop practical yet high performance prepregs to the boatyard environment

  •      * use Finite Element Analysis as a practical design tool for composite boats


          Under the SP-High Modulus brand Gurit offers an impressive portfolio of standard and customized products suitable for a full range of requirements, including a comprehensive range of tooling, reinforcement and prepreg materials. The patented and award-winning SPRINT® technology is especially apt for series production boats, potentially reducing production time and cost by 60%, and weight by 40%; Corecell™ has become widely accepted as a leading structural foam core material for the construction of large, high-performance structures. Suitable for a wide range of demanding applications and different composite manufacturing processes, the Corecell™ product range provides increased levels of performance, strength, structural integrity and comfort, unmatched by any other core material.


          With offices and specialists based in Europe, Australasia, and North America, Gurit’s Marine business is able to ensure the supply of leading composite products and the same high level of technical and practical expertise across the globe – making it the perfect partner in boatbuilding, whether for race boats, super yachts, production boats or commercial and military markets.






































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